Bay Area Programming Initiative

A coalition of computer science clubs throughout the Bay Area dedicated to bringing CS to a much larger audience together.

We do ambitiousambitious things

The Bay Area Programming Initiative is dedicated to empowering CS Clubs throughout the Bay Area to promote CS education and outreach. We aim to lower the barrier of entry, especially for the disempowered. Even in the tech center of the world, many do not have the opportunity to engage in programming, and we aim to address that, one individual at a time.

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    Community of Bay Area CS Clubs

    We organize computer science clubs and organizations throughout the Bay Area at a more established, direct level than ever before. Now, CS clubs can come together to work on exciting events and resources.

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    Club fund to do the extraordinary

    Our shared, nonprofit fund (powered by Hack Club Bank) helps bring the idea of our clubs to the next level. By joining the BAPI, you are given access to a joint fund with which you can do much more than would be possible at the individual level. With optional contributions, you receive greater control over the decisions made at the BAPI and elevated privileges.


Unlock your club's full potential

The resources created by the BAPI are perfect for club outreach, event coordination, lecture preparation, and much more. Together, we will enable your club to do much more with the tools at our disposal.

Spread the word about club events

Exclusive access to lecture materials

Meet other club leaders around the Bay Area


How do funds work?

When clubs join the BAPI, they get access to an exclusive fund that can back even the craziest ideas. Ranging from full-on hackathons to stickers for your club, the BAPI fund gives the foundation to do the unimaginable. We will be working with cities and companies to get grants to power clubs as well. Additionally, clubs can donate their money into the BAPI. With this, clubs will have fewer restrictions on spending and have more control over the decisions made by the BAPI.

How do I get started?

We believe in getting to know each of the clubs that we work with and what they hope to gain out of BAPI. As such, we invite you to fill out the form, after which we will get in touch with you personally to figure out the best course of action forward. There is no barrier for entry; if your club is not large or does not have much funding, don't worry! We're here to help with both.